Milame Design was established in 2011 by South African jeweler Emma Atkinson who completed her BA Fine Art Degree specializing in Jewellery Design at Stellenbosch University in 2010.

Her work celebrates the creation of handmade jewellery featuring line and form, simplicity and elegance, and hints of beautiful colour.

Emma finds her inspiration most often in the materials themselves. "Most of my designs arise in my workshop when I start 'playing' with the metals and stones in front of me in a free and unconscious way. At times when I am not at the workbench, sketches, doodles and the life that surrounds me bring ideas and inspiration to my work, "says the Jeweler.

Milame Design has had some wonderful ranges in the last couple of years, which have remained timeless through the ever changing trends.

Our Milame Drawing Collection||2014 depicts beautiful wearable jewellery which grew out of concept-driven organic drawings. Each piece is hand drawn, hand sawn and fabricated ensuring a slight uniqueness in every one. 

Nature and the beauty of imperfection are main themes prevalent in the Imperfection is Beauty||2015 Summer Collection and Nature and Simplicity||2015 Winter Collection. Whose titles say it all. The works are organic and oddly shaped and in their imperfection the pieces render a unique and beautiful look.

Milame's newest range is titled Nature Colours||2016 Collection. Emma is using wonderful irregular shaped gemstone beads in an array of colours. These depict the incredible colours of the magnificent South African nature that surrounds her.

Milame Design also works with an exquisite range of gemstones creating unique rings and necklaces. these once off pieces are something to be treasured as only one is ever manufactured.

Emma loves designing wedding bands and engagement rings, working closely with the couples to create beautiful rings that resonate with each person and their particular style.

Thank you for your love and support of Milame Design.

Jewellery Handmade in South Africa since 2011.